Hobo Ed's Artisan Coffees

A pioneer in organic and local food, Kimberton Whole Foods carries our coffee as the "house brand."  It's on the shelf in their Kimberton, Malvern, and Downingtown locations, and is served in their Kimberton and Malvern cafes.

Steel City Coffeehouse

Phoenixville's well know coffeehouse and concert venue.  The music is better than ever and the new owners have one of the best cafe menus in the area.

Cathey's Coffee Bar

An intimate and friendly coffee shop in downtown West Chester, and is also "front of house" for Dia Dolce Cupcakes , winner of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars

The Birchrunville Store Cafe and
Butterscotch Pastry Shop

​Chef Francis Pascal brings adventurous fine dining and unforgettable pastries to this pastoral location in Chester County.

Wellington Square Bookshop

Visit this award winning independent bookstore and have an espresso in the tiny cafe that Main Line Today called, "Best Anti-Corporate Coffee Experience."

Kimberton Hills Cafe

Don't miss this gourmet local foods cafe in the heart of Kimberton Hills Camphill Village, an intentional farming and handcrafting community with a unique vision.

Hobo Ed's Espresso Bar at
Stoudt's Wonderful Good Market

We roast our coffees at The Wonderful Good Market and on Sundays, 7:30 am until 2:00 pm, our coffee and espresso bar is open for lattes, flat whites, traditional cappuccinos, and any custom drink you're fond of and can describe.  And regular brewed coffee, of course.  You'll also be able to experience Stoudt's pioneering microbrewery , their Black Angus Restaurant, and the renowned Stoudt's Antique Mall.  Ed is your barista.  Be sure to tell him where you get our coffee, whether brewed or by the bean.

​Personalized Fitness 4 You

These great personal trainers have got your back, whether it's your life goals or your cup of coffee.  Get pumped for your workout!